• Z&K Consultants works seamlessly with clients to coordinate various projects simultaneously with our clients' collective goals at the forefront. We ensure that multiple client projects progress successfully building on our clients' vision.


  • Z&K Consultants has a team of Project Managers experienced in water treatment/wastewater projects, pipelines, seismic retrofit projects, roadway/heavy civil projects, water recharge facility projects, and vertical construction projects.  Z&K Project Managers are experts in their field and ensure that projects meet Clients goals within schedule and budget from the planning stages, to the design stages, to construction.  Z&K Project Managers assist Agencies through all aspects and stages of the project.


  • Our goals in the construction phase of the project are our Clients goals: ensure that the project is completed within project schedule, project budget, and above all that safety is prioritized everyday on the project site. As the construction managers of a project, Z&K acts as the direct liason between the Client, Designer, and Contractor to ensure that the project runs smoothly and efficiently.


  • Z&K Consultants provides staff augmentation in numerous Public Agencies. Our employees act as an extension of City staff and assist the City with any and all needs.  Z&K employees have worked with Public Agencies as Project Managers, City Inspectors, Plan  Checkers, and Agency Designers.


  • Z&K Consultants has performed structural inspection and seismic retrofit design for hundreds of buildings. Z&K has performed Tier 1 screening procedure and Tier 2 deficiency-based evaluation procedure from ASCE 41-13 "Seiesmic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings" to identify building deficiencies and design retrofit options to bring structures to code.  This evaluation includes structural inspection, structural calculations, 3D modeling of structure, and drafting structural plans for proposed seismic retrofit.


  • Our team of designers at Z&K Consultants have diverse experience allowing Z&K to offer design services for land development, roadway, buildings, wastewater/water treatment facilities, pipelines, and seismic retrofit.




Z&K Consultants Inc. is a provider of professional engineering services ranging from program management, project management, construction management, project consulting services, structural design, and staff augmentation.


We support public work infrastructure, transportation, seismic retrofit buildings, wastewater, utilities and architectural services.

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